What do I do? My home just got multiple offers!!

It’s happening more and more.  Here in Tennessee this is a seller’s market with low inventory on homes for sale.  It’s not uncommon for a home to receive multiple offers as soon as it goes public on the MLS system.  This is just another reason to have a strong negotiator as a listing agent.

At times offers will come in above the listing price of the home.  The reason for this is that your agent has told all of the buyers agents to bring their highest and best offers.

How do you choose which offer to take.  You are in the driver’s seat here!  Your agent will help you discover what he or she feels is the “cleanest” offer.  What does that mean?  The “cleanest” offer of course is a cash offer with no contingencies.  Things to consider in determining the cleanest offer are:

Does the buyer have a home to sell?  Is the buyer’s home on the market or under contract? Does the cash buyer have proof of funds?  Has the buyer asked you to pay any closing cost? Has the buyer asked for a home inspection?  Does the buyer give you reasonable time to move out of the home?

So would you always take the offer that is the highest?  No, not always.  You’re looking for the cleanest offer.  If the buyer is getting a loan on the home and offers to pay you more than the list price they may offer to bring the addition money to closing or ask you to reduce the price of the house.  It can get complicated but a good listing agent can navigate even these choppy seas!

In Tennessee The Ann Buchanan Team is Keller-Williams number one team in Sumner County.  We’ve helped hundreds of families sell their home!  We were voted Top Team Keller-Williams Hendersonville!




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