5 Benefits of Downsizing to a Smaller Home

You may have noticed there is a new trend for downsizing where we live? “Living large” doesn’t always mean bigger is better. There are many benefits to downsizing to a smaller home. Believe me, I know. My husband and I downsized in the spring of this year. Whether the decision is voluntarily or you are forced to move for job relocation or other related reasons, there’s a benefit to decreasing your home size. If you love saving money, energy, resources, or enjoy saving time on upkeep – these are just a few benefits, here are 10 benefits of doing just that.

1. Saving money :

The more space you have the more area you feel like you need to fill every square corner with! One of the beauties of downsizing your home is the ability to stop wasting money on furniture, electronics, appliances, and home items that are used to fill space rather than to fulfill a function. Downsizing into a smaller home will you help you prioritize your life and only bring what is necessary in your home.

2. The benefits of smaller living:

Most homeowners agree that living in a larger home leads to greater stress and upkeep. From cleaning, maintenance, furnishing, outdoor home upkeep and the cost of all of these factors can lead to a home that is stressful. Downsizing your home can be the first step to a stream-lined life. You will be surprised how reducing your daily chores and maintenance will free up your time for leisure activities, spending time with your family, getting more rest, and maybe loving your home more than resenting it.

3. A smaller home leads to a happier home

While your home lifestyle varies from your neighbors, many homeowners agree that smaller homes enable the family to bond and work together as opposed to large and spread out floor plan homes. Smaller homes create an environment where family members and roommates get organized and can compromise over living arrangements, sharing closets, and making a small home feel cozy instead of cramped. Instead of looking at a smaller home as a down-grade, look at it as a way to a happier homelife.

4. Down-sizing can free you up for traveling

This one is my favorite! For most of us our home requires a lot of work when we leave town. From ensuring security systems and doors and windows are properly monitored to monitoring exterior lighting and keeping your lawn up, traveling can often be a burden when you have a large home. If you decide to downsize traveling can be less of hassle when you need to leave your home for extended amounts of time, especially if you downsize to an apartment or condominium unit from a stand-alone house.

5. Downsizing to a new home can help open a new chapter for you

For many of us downsizing  can be a new chapter in our lives.  Whether you are an empty-nester who has older children who have moved out to those who have suffered from a death of a spouse or close roommate. Downsizing can represent a way to start a new life in a new home. Consider opting for a smaller home that could have less upkeep, possibility of a homeowners association that can maintain the grounds and other amenities to enjoy your home as opposed to maintenance.

Bonus Benefit: A paired down lifestyle will help keep you out of debt

I threw this one in as a bonus: Although not true for every homeowner, pairing down your small living lifestyle can help you from over spending, over charging, and over buying for your large home. A smaller home will help you keep on a budget and shopping sprees will be curbed because there isn’t enough space to house too many new additions! If you are trying to save money and keep your credit from going into the red, consider downsizing your home – (You can thank you me later for this one.)

Whether downsizing or buying your first home you can contact me to help you thru the process.


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