What does Great Customer Service look like?

Quality Customer service translates across all industries and platforms. As I have said before….Go with what works, don’t re-invent the wheel. I feel there are (3) basic components to delivering great customer service. 1. Product awareness: Whether you're talking about homes, cars, books or a widgets, having thorough knowledge of the product you are conveying... Continue Reading →

The Value of Value!

This morning, a friend sent me a text tat simply said " Create customers that create customers." I was stuck by those words. It was simple truth. In an industry where we strive to set ourselves apart from the pack creates a frenzy of new gimmicks, employing the latest trends and focusing on sales.....creating value... Continue Reading →

Create Energy to Create Energy!

We must create clearly defined strategies for success. When thinking about the rigors of a day in the life of a Real Estate professional......think of an energy strategy. Energy Strategy: As realtors, we know 1 thing ot be true.....we can have hectic days with energy highs & lows. This isn't unique to our industry -... Continue Reading →

Listing Advice for Sellers!

We have all walked into a listing appointment that just needed a few minor tweeks to be your next success story. I suggest  a few simple tips that are guaranteed to enhance appearance, increase buyer interest and boost your listing's profile: Renew selectively: Instead of wholesale renovations from which sellers recoup maybe 60 percent on investment,... Continue Reading →

Simple Success Strategies for 2017

A new calendar year always offers an opportunity for a variety of fresh starts. I have collected a few simple strategies that will help any agent or team overcome stumbling blocks and achieve success int he new year.   Don’t procrastinate on your goals, talk about them, live them! - Ask yourself if you truly... Continue Reading →

Winter Listing Tips!

……and it’s still winter!    I am constantly getting questions about maximizing listings during less than peak seasons. This time of year can be especially trying for sellers and agents. Follow a successful strategy and you will be signing & accepting great offers in no time. First- understand there is a lot of competition out... Continue Reading →

Scripts: LPMAMA

Every great agent has their favorite client script(s). Creating a smooth effortless and effective conversation with your clients is key in relationship building. I recently discovered a new buyers script and wanted to share with you. If you haven’t heard of this script…..are you in for a treat! So let’s get started and make your... Continue Reading →

Transparency Builds a Strong Team!

We are all being bombarded with…….I mean hearing so many “New Year New Me” resolutions. I have read many suggestions about team building, goal setting and positive motivations, in the new year. The 1 key point I feel most people miss is simple old fashioned transparency. Transparency is necessary for trust and trust is a... Continue Reading →

Be intentional in the New Year!

You know that thing when you really want to get a new job, or take a course, or update your LinkedIn—but you can’t because you’re too busy to even think about it? Same! So I get it. And as I looked at my own to-do list for 2016 and realized how little I checked off, I couldn’t help but... Continue Reading →

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